Alter The Press!



Since beginning in August 2008, Alter The Press has exclusively streamed material from bands/artists from both the UK and the US.

This lists includes releases from Simple Plan (Atlantic/Lava Records), The Get Up Kids (Quality Hill), Man Overboard (Run For Cover Records), MiMi Soya (LAB Records), Starters (City of Gold Records), Portman (Walnut Tree Records), Wolf Am I (Alcopop Records), Sam Litte, Handguns, and many more.

When bands/artists stream material on Alter The Press, there music will reach thousands* of viewers everyday, with the site reaching all corners of the world. Further information about Alter The Press can be viewed here.

If you are interested or require further information on exclusively streaming material on Alter The Press, contact Jon Ableson.

*Site statistics can be given on request.

Alter The Press!