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ATP! Lists: 10 Acts We'd Like To See Play Warped Tour

Good Charlotte
Words: Claire Louise Sheridan

Back in the day when Good Charlotte burst onto the scene, they were just about the most non-conformist thing about life EVER. Well... perhaps if you were a pre-teen girl. But isn't that what Warped was like? When you cast your mind back, don't you picture the thrill you got when you first heard about the festival, and how much you WISHED you were cool enough to go? No? Okay, perhaps the pre-teen girl thing has struck again.

ATP! Lists: 10 Must-See Acts at Vans Warped Tour 2014

Nick Santino (Playing: All dates)
Words: Victoria Mier

Though Nick Santino is probably best known for his sweet voice on tracks like “Baby Blue Eyes” from his former position as A Rocket To The Moon’s lead singer, his new music is just as great, if a little different. He’ll be playing on Warped Tour’s Acoustic Basement, and if you haven’t listened to his latest EP, The Ones You Meet Along The Way, now’s the time to grab a copy to make sure you can sing along to his set on Warped. Santino has taken a folksy, country outlook on pop/rock, which has really given the young musician a chance to show off his skills as a singer/songwriter. Since his tunes are a little mellower than the other bands you might be seeing on Warped, Santino’s well-crafted ballads will serve as some downtime between all your moshing and crowd surfing. That said, don’t forget he toured the world with A Rocket To The Moon and peaked at #4 on iTunes’ singer/songwriter charts with The Ones You Meet Along The Way, so it’s safe to say Santino will certainly put on a show. Make sure you stop by Warped Tour’s Acoustic Basement to see him in action!

ATP! Lists: #FlashbackFriday - Top 10 All-Girl Anthems

10. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

“Torn” is one of those anthems that’s empowering because it’s totally miserable. It has as much authority on blast in your bedroom while you’re drying your hair as it does in a club while you’re dying laughing because your bestie is dancing to it really, really expressively. I have a lot of time for a song that can succeed in both those arenas.

9. Christina Aguilera – Can’t Hold Us Down

Basically, everything the Internet has to say about gender equality in 2014, Christina and Lil’ Kim already nailed. There are, of course, songs that came before this that did the same, but the media is definitely guilty of letting this one fade from memory and it's tragic. It’s the chart-topping feminist manifesto that everybody forgot to mention when it came to processing Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here or Beyonce’s Flawless. Also one time for the styling in this video, which is absolutely on point.

ATP! Lists: 11 Ladies Owning The Music Industry In 2014

Whether it’s what Miley does with her tongue or what BeyoncĂ© does at all, female artists have become an increasing fixture of news headlines over the last few years and discussion around issues of sexism within the music industry has never been more fervent. Sometimes, the comments and controversy surrounding some of these issues can obscure the fact that there are so many women with impeccable game who are absolutely killing it right now, both inside and outside of the charts. So, from indie powerhouses Tegan and Sara to goth princess Taylor Momsen, here are eleven of ATP’s favorite ladies who are dominating the music industry right now.

ATP! Lists: Five Reasons Hayley Williams Is A Role Model

For over a decade, Hayley Williams has been proving the critics wrong. Sexism and a male-dominated music industry immediately labelled Paramore as just another No Doubt copycat. Critics were quick to compare Hayley to Gwen Stefani, unable to see beyond her gender and see that she's less Stefani and more Freddie Mercury, especially during live performances, when she electrifies crowds like a thunder storm of bubble-gum spunk and roaring vocals.

Perhaps Hayley is a rock 'n' roll super hero or Lisbeth Salander-tinged heroine, but what cannot be debated is her ability to inspire through infectious music that's about as perfectly pop as cotton candy at the County Fair. Hayley is the exception to the rule: straight edge, vocally talented, and driven to succeed with her music rather than her behavior on the "scene." If the recently wrapped 'Paratour' is any indication of the future, she seems to destined to continue shattering the glass ceiling, hanging with the boys, and proving that being genuine is the most valuable currency in life.

ATP! Lists: 14 Memes To Say "I Love You" On Valentine's Day

In a world full of technology and social media, what better way to say 'I Love You' than by presenting your significant other a one-of-a-kind Valentine card?

Here are 14 handpicked favorites from your friends at ATP! < 3

ATP! Lists: 10 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2014

We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids (February 18th)
Label: Hopeless Records

We may have been just a little over-eager back in 2013 when we added We Are The In Crowd to our ‘Most Anticipated’ list. What with relentless touring schedules, and, you know, general worldwide domination (well, almost…), we ought to have cut WATIC a break. But as soon as they got one? Oh, did they deliver! With the HIGHLY anticipated release of their sophomore record, ‘Weird Kids’ promises to be not only deeper, but also catchier (if that’s even possible!) than anything they’ve done before – the timing perfect, to coincide with yet more shows across the globe.

If tracks like ‘Attention’ and ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ are anything to go by, then the five piece may well be onto a winner. Proof, indeed, that patience is a virtue.

ATP! Lists: 10 Favorite Christmas Songs (2013)

It's that time of year again! Christmas is nearly upon us and of course, we decided to select our ten favorite songs to put you in the holiday spirit while we eagerly await Santa's arrival tonight!

Tegan and Sara - The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)

ATP! Lists: 10 Must-Hear Acts at Riot Fest 2013

Fall Out Boy (Playing: September 13th)
Words by: Gina Catalano

Chicago has been the talk of the town this year with its second Stanley Cup victory in three years, its backdrop for the fourth Transformers movie, and its biggest headlining festival and carnival the city has seen. To top that off, hometown heroes Fall Out Boy will be back in the area for Riot Fest during a day off from their fall arena tour. While they won’t have opening acts Panic! At The Disco and twentyonepilots with them, the crowd should expect nothing less than pure entertainment from the punk-rock quartet.

After a four-year hiatus, the band made an unforgettable comeback this past February by torching their previous albums at the location where Comiskey Park once stood and announcing they were back with their new album, Save Rock and Roll. In the six months since, the band has showed the world that while they have grown as artists and bandmates, they are still the same band whose lyrics and melodies help heal the soul and set the mind to believe that anything is possible. Believers never die, after all. Now, while the man behind the Riot Fest Twitter account begs for a Jesse and the Rippers performance, can we start a petition to get Elton John on stage during Fall Out Boy’s set? Anyone? Bueller?

ATP! Lists: 10 Awesome "America" Songs

This Independence Day, we've hand-picked 10 songs which celebrate this amazing country of ours. So fire up those barbecues and turn up the volume! Happy 4th of July everyone!

ATP! Lists: 10 Must-See 2013 Summer Tours

Legends of the Summer Tour (feat. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z
Words by Jordan Wyman

Want to go to a show where you can brush all the dirt off your shoulder and then sing about dicks in boxes? Then you better have your tickets to Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake in their co-headlining Legends of the Summer Tour. If Jay-Z gets any more famous he'd probably have his own brand of cereal and dishware to go with it. Even with a new baby in the house, Mr. Carter is obviously more than ready to hit the road with not only an esteemed colleague, but with a brand new album. Since the success of Watch The Throne with little ol’ Kanye West, it feels like it’s time for Jay-Z to go back to some blueprint material and give the people more business, man.

ATP! Lists: The 10 Best Music Videos Of 2013 So Far

As 2013 reaches its halfway point, we wanted to round up our 10 favorite music videos released (so far) and boy, was it hard. With the amount of great singles that have come out already, the remainder of the year has some serious competition.

Paramore - Still Into You

ATP! Lists: 10 Must-Hear Acts at Skate and Surf Festival 2013

Glassjaw (Playing: Sunday, May 19th)
Words by Emma Garland

I don’t think we’re ever gonna get this third full-length album but whatever, Glassjaw already have enough solid material to play back-to-back for an entire afternoon and you wouldn’t get bored once. Also on that note, they always seem to throw a curveball into their setlists whether it’s the lesser-performed 'Ry Ry’s Song' or a cover of 'Woman' by 108, so there’s always a curious sense of unpredictability about their live performances.

ATP! Lists: Six Degrees Of Separation - Bruce Springsteen

With his most recent album, Wrecking Ball, being his 17th, Springsteen has been nothing but prolific over the forty years he has been making music. You're not likely to spot Springsteen hanging with the recently emerging infectious pop act One Direction any time soon, but the two acts, who sit on complete opposite ends of the musical spectrum, have more in common than you would have originally thought...

ATP! Lists: 10 Must-Hear Acts At SXSW 2013

Candy Hearts

Thursday, March 14th - Pearl Street Co-op, 1906 Pearl St @ 6pm (Topshelf Records Showcase)
Saturday, March 16th - Elysium, 705 Red River @ 2.30pm (Bridge 9 Showcase)
Saturday, March 16th - Pearl Street Co-op, 1906 Pearl St @ 6.40pm (Get Thrashed Party)

ATP Lists: 15 Females Who Rock (International Women's Day 2013)

1. Hayley Williams (Paramore)

ATP! Lists: 10 Must-Watch Goat Music Remixes

Recently it was The Harlem Shake and now it's the goat remixes that have been taking the Internet by storm!

After scouting what YouTube had to offer, we put together our ten personal favorites of songs which have been given the 'goat treatment'. Here's what we came up with....

ATP! Lists: Six Degrees Of Separation - All Time Low

Pop/rock favorites All Time Low have been around for quite a while now. Going on 10 years, in fact, and in that time they’ve released five studio albums, worked with numerous artists and producers and traveled the world. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that they know a whole slew of people. But 'Six Degrees...' isn't about the people they do know, but those they don’t.

So with that in mind, we decided to try to connect, in six steps or less, All Time Low with an artist that one would think would be near impossible to tie them to: Nicki Minaj.

ATP! Lists: 5 Must-Watch Harlem Shake Videos

Move over Gangnam Style, it's 2013 and the latest internet craze is the Harlem Shake. With more than 4,000 videos of the 'dance' being uploaded to YouTube per day, we decided to pick out our five 'must-watch' renditions. This is what we came up with...

ATP! Lists: Valentines Day Playlist

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
(Words by: Emma Garland)

For an album that drew heavily on the story of Anne Frank for inspiration, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea features some of the most weirdly beautiful songs ever written and its title track may well be the finest example of that.

‘In the Aeroplane Over The Sea’ is a love-letter to life as a whole, which is the best thing anybody could ever hope to love, really. It’s personal, but not in a traditional sense – it’s all images and association, a scrapbook rather than a diary – and that’s what makes it more touching and tangible than the multitude of songs about breaking up, making up and making out.

Valentine’s Day is largely redundant for us true romantics who are sentimental fools twenty-four-sevz. And I don’t mean that in a ‘Love Actually’ sort of way, I’m talking about the people who prefer Wes Anderson characters to real people and sigh heavily whilst listen to Mineral in the rain.

We like Jeff Mangum because, enviable and effortless poet that he is, he could play a tissue box with some elastic bands wrapped around it and still come out with a song to make your spine tingle. His writing has the surreal, kaleidoscopic structure of a dream whose images revolve around physical sensation and awkward intimacy in a way that is both disorientating and gripping.

You can apply Mangum’s sense of wonder to anything, though, and ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ is one of those songs that everyone will have a different interpretation of, but the final line “Can’t believe how strange it is to be anything at all” is one that essentially trumps any scientific, philosophical or religious theory about life, because anybody who has taken five seconds to reflect on their own existence in a positive sense will have thought the same.

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