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Escape The Fate New Album Out in October

Las Vegas's Escape The Fate are set to release their new album, 'This War is Ours' on Epitaph and is produced by John Feldmann and is also their first with new singer Craig Mabbitt, originally of Blessthefall.


1. "We Won't Back Down"
2. "On To The Next One"
3. "Ashley"
4. "Something"
5. "The Flood"
6. "Let It Go"
7. "You Are So Beautiful"
8. "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)"
9. "10 Miles Wide"
10. "Harder Than You Know"
11. "It's Just Me"

The Press release stated:

Notorious instigators Escape the Fate have recorded a hook-laden, breakdown-filled rockfest – titled This War Is Ours – as a follow-up to their massive 2006 debut Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. The new release drops on October 21 and features the debut of singer Craig Mabbit, formerly of Bless the Fall.

In a unique online promotion that makes the Prisoner’s Dilemma look like tic tac toe, Escape the Fate and Buzznet are launching a promotion on September 2 that is unlike anything ever attempted. To give their devoted fans a taste of what’s to come, the band is challenging their listeners to a simple test of cooperation: get 50,000 people on the special Escape the Fate/Buzznet page all at once and release “the flood.” All the participants have to do is some intense and creative coordination, and the pay-off is a instantaneous deluge of 50,000 downloads of “The Flood,” the long-awaited first track from Escape The Fate’s highly speculated-upon new album This War Is Ours.
Anthony Batt, CTO and founder of Buzznet, writes “One of the ways Buzznet supports great artists is by really taking social music promotions to the next level by creating the most innovative online experiences that will engage and delight fans. Escape the Fate has grown an enormous following on our site over the years, and this unique and revolutionary experiment is the perfect way for us and the band to work together to give their dedicated fanbase something truly special.” After a year of drama and speculation following the departure of original singer Ronnie Radke, Escape the Fate has emerged stronger than ever. With a hyper-talented new singer, a remarkable new album produced by John Feldmann (the Used, Story of the Year, Atreyu) and a fall tour with Chiodos and Silverstein, the resilient quartet are proving that sometimes fate is what you make of it.

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