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Review: Alexisonfire - London Camden Barfly - 17/08/08

Its been a pretty miserable summer in the UK, but tonight has made up for it immensily.

This is the first headlining show in a long time from Alexisonfire, and its at the 250 capacity Camden Barfly. With tickets selling out in less than 4 minutes, you know this is going to be a show you will always remember.

As soon as the band makes it onstage, we can tell that the recent internet rumours going around about the band breaking up is all talk, as guitarist Dallas Green confirms later in the night. The band keep the banter to a minimum and try and throw out as many songs despite the 11pm curfew. Frontman George, does his best Akon impression when picking up crowd surfers arriving on stage above his head and tossing them into the crowd. During the last song of the night 'Accidents', the band invited everyone on stage for the last song. Despite a barrier being put up for the show, this doesnt stop the crowd getting up on stage for this momentus show. Tonight, we can only thank Alexisonfire for gracing their presence in such an intimate venue. We can leave tonight only feeling grateful and only eager when they return with their new album.

Alexisonfire played:

we are the end
this could be anywhere in the world
44 calibre love letter
get fighted
drunks, lovers, sinners, and saints
boiled frogs
rough hands
we are the sound
no rest for the wicked (new song)
no transitory
keep it on wax
mailbox arson
happiness by the kilowatt

The band play Reading/Leeds festival this weekend.

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