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Album Review: Sing It Loud - Come Around

Sing It Loud are from Minneapolis, Minnesota and are about to bring out their debut album on Epitaph Records. 'Come Around' is the follow up to the band's Self-titled EP and is produced by Josh Cain from fellow Epitaph band Motion City Soundtrack. The band consists of Pat Brown (Vocals and Rhythm Guitar), Kieren Smith (Lead Guitar), Nate Flynn (Bass), Ben Peterson (Keys) and Chris "Sick Boy" Lee (Drums).

The album begins with a simple Pop-Punk song, 'I've Got A Feeling' a song which is plainly sounds like every other modern Pop-Punk band. 'We're Not Afraid' see's MCS's Justin Pierre being roped to make a guest appearence, which makes the song sound more like an 'Even If It Kills Me' track rather than an Sing It Loud original. The album's title track is next and see's the band continue the stereotypical Pop-Punk song structure with catchy chorus and group background vocals.

'Don't Save Me' is one of the better songs of the album, it's catchy, well-written and is sprinkled with nice keyboard playing in the chorus. 'MPLS' see's the band slowing things down a little, at a nice steady pace that soon goes into a nice chorus bein g built around the "don't turn way, don't turn around" back vocals. 'No One Can Touch Us' features Alex Gaskarth from fast-rising Pop-Punk band All Time Low, and his vocals fit very well into this song with a chorus that will get the crowd singing.

The rest of the album goes on to be uninspiring and finishes with 'Best Beating Heart', like every other song on this album, has a catchy sing-a-long chorus but the song is one of a few highlights on this album.

Nonetheless Sing It Loud have produced a disappointed debut and somewhat rushed record, as 4 of the 11 songs appeared on the bands EP, with only 'Come Around' being the only altered track. The remaining 7 songs are uninspiring and fail to draw the listener in. 'Come Around' is your typical modern Pop-Punk record which has had little thought put into it and with very few highlights.


'Come Around' by Sing It Loud is available through Epitaph Records on 22nd September.

For Fans of: All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, Farewell, Forever The Sickest Kids

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