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EP Review: Asteria - Asteria EP

Asteria are a 5-Piece rock band from Crown Point, Indiana. The band is made up of Terrence Kline (Vocals), Sam Henderson (Drums), Ryan Gullett, Seth Henderson (both Guitar and Vocals) and Brandon McQuen (Bass).

This self-titled EP is the band's follow up to last year's debut album, 'Slip Into Something More Comfortable'. The EP kicks off with 'I'll Get You My Pretty (And Your Little Dog Too), a nice slice of friendly rock with well-written chorus; influenced by 'The Wizard of Oz' ("click your heels three times")

'Finding Love In A Bottle Of...' sounds like another band but I can't put on my finger who, probably because it sounds like a number of bands that are around today. Nevertheless its a good guitar-driven song with added guitar which goes into a melodic bridge. 'Hoods & Capers' is a fun song with dark lyrics.

'Reach Out and Speak Out' starts off ballad-like, which then goes into a rocking Iraq War-influenced song (the song is dedicated to the band's High School friend who is now serving in the army there) and ends beautifully.

'Pop Fiction', 'Paper, Scissor, Stone' and 'I'd Swear You Were Steam' see's the band continue to it's fun and catchy rock song structure. With the latter being one of the EP's highlights. 'A Tack On The Map' closes the album with a slow-paced beginning and well-sung vocals from Kline, see's the band closing the EP on a high point.

On first listen Asteria won't set the world on fire, but after a few more listens, you realise they have written 8 great examples of modern-day catchy rock songs, which will be welcomed by the band's existing fan base and maybe even draw new fans. This EP shows this young band has the songs and the musical talent to exceed in a time where bands on here one day and gone the next.

For Fans: TheAudition, Boys Like Girls and Just Surrender.

'Asteria' by Asteria is available independently and can be brought off the band's myspace.

For more details visit the band's official website.

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