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EP Review: Lights - Lights EP (Self Titled)

There's something special about solo female singer, Valerie Poxleitner from Toronto, Canada who goes under the name 'Lights', who currently has a self-titled EP available on Doghouse Records. But what it is that something special? Is it her sweet angelic voice complimenting her harmonic electro pop music? which she created in her bedroom. Well simply the answer is yes.

Lights is something I would not usually listen to but this EP grabbed me and made me feel good. With songs like 'Ice' and 'Drive Me Soul' being 1980's new wave-influenced sensations with Lights showcasing her superb vocals.

'February Air' is well-written and is reminiscent of Imogen Heap and Bjork and shows that Lights is an innocent and emotional person. 'White' is bouncy song with Lights' high-pitched vocals being layered on top of a guitar-driven chorus. 'I Owe You One' is a sweet electro ballad and the EP closes with 'The Last Thing On Your Mind' being a synth-heavy track filled with Lights' positive lyrics.

Overall 'Lights' fantastically showcases an independent pop female singer, who has the songs, vocal talent and looks to succeed. This collection of 8 songs will make you feel good and forget about your troubles. The only downfall of the EP is that at times, she reminds you of cheesy euro-pop.

For fans of: PlayRadioPlay! and Imogen Heap

More Information on Lights can be found here.

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