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Ex-Cute Is What We Aim For Drummer Gives Reason For Leaving

Ton Falcone has released a statement, giving reasons for his recent departure from Pop-punk band, Cute is What We Aim For.

Falcone said:

"To all our fans who have had questions about my leaving the band - First off, I want to thank you for supporting me during my time with the Cute, as well as now. I also want to thank you all for congratulating me on my decision, and your words of encouragement have meant the world to me. Let me put the rumors to rest for you - I simply left the band because the personality conflicts and daily drama made it impossible for me to live a peaceful, happy life. I made it clear to Shaant that I would be leaving and explained why. I assure you that no one came looking for me. Shaant, Dave, and Jeff know fully and without a doubt that they left me no choice. There should be no question whatsoever. I will miss touring, playing my drums daily and the incredibly wonderful people I met along the way.

Thank you all again, because without you, I would have never made it this long.
I am comfortable with my decsion and am confident that I did all that I could, working to the best of my ability. I am walking away with my self respect and my dignity in tact.

Good luck to Cute, I wish you nothing but the best."

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