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Limp Bizkit to reform?

Frontman Fred Durst of the nu-metal group, Limp Bizkit, has posted a statement regarding the future of Limp Bizkit:

"Hello my dear family members.

Yes, it has been a while. But a while worth the wait. It is getting very close to time to drop the bizkit on the universe. I say this with the absolute best intentions and motivation. We, Limp Bizkit, are excited about the future for us and for you. LBF is the way. LBF is for life. Let's stir some **** up my friends. Also, if you would like to chat with me on Facebook then by all means meet me there. I will stay up on this MySpace thing more often for all of you as well. I am a very proud member of this family and know you feel the same.

Today is a very special day. Make a note of it. I will post a different variety of songs as well a little later.


Alter The Press!