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Pete Wentz comments on new album artwork

Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz, has commented on his personal blog about the band's latest album's artwork 'Folie a Deux':

"we’ve been receiving many questions in the Q and A… as well many of the dedicated critics of lifestyle and curators of the douche bag list over at (the only website i can say i have followed from the conception of our band all the way through the present) about our cover art. well, we decided to ask luke chueh, a favorite of ours to commission a piece. we were sure this would never happen. this would be like watching a midtown reunion on the moon while high fiving mark hoppus because Blink would be playing next. or for me having a real han solo (like but actually the real harrison ford) in carbonite on my wall, frozen forever… then luke said yes. we gave him the title of the record and the basic concept. he came up with everything else. in my mind he is one of the greats in contemporary art. and i will go out on a limb and say this is the best cover we have ever made (simply because we werent involved in it in the slightest).

now i must applaud you for getting all the way here before writing “total fail” or “i hate it how this guy just ——-s so hard and than is just such a ——-“. i would also appreciate you checking the link and getting to know Lukes art if you are unfamiliar with it.

and for those who dont care at all and just want a pay off of some sort- at least every once in awhile i deliver you a present wrapped just for you. i mean, come on me and spencer pratt getting knocked out at the same time in a video. thats like getting two d-bags with one stone….

and on a side note: none of the guests but the ones we have named are currently on the record, to clear that up.

question of the day: what did you think of the debate?

and ps: commenters thanks for taking it easy on me i had a crappy week for personal reasons. next week lets get back to usual."

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