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Portman Respond to Album Review

Stamford band Portman sent us a messge today, responding to the album review we wrote last week. Toby from the band said:

"wow!! thats a great review, glad you got all the 90's emo referances and enjoyed the vibe of the album. i think people were suprised that we went to what seemed straight into making an album. we wanted to express more than 4 songs back to back and try and capture a mood, frame of mind and a snap shot into our lives at that point, and for someone who doesn't know us personally to get that and enjoy it, really makes the whole process complete.

we wrote and recorded that album over a year ago now, which is crazy, it took so long to mix down, get artwork sorted and give it a release it deserved, that it didnt see the light of day until march.

we are now recording our e.p. which we suspect will be our final release. we have 9 songs written, with maybe 5 making the final cut. we are looking to going all out with the mixing, speaking to some big producers who can make it perfect. it will be the finest release we can possibly ever imagine making, so its exciting times. we are also organising our next tour for a week in november."

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