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Review: Forever The Sickest Kids - London Underworld - 22/09/08

This is Forever The Sickest Kids' first trip to the UK. Despite what was supposed to be originally a support slot for Cobra Starship (pulled out due to recording commitments), the band still kept there promise to come to the UK and to fulfill their commitment to play and meet as many of their fans as possible.

Tonight's support comes from UK based bands, All Forgotten and Kill The Arcade. All Forgotten, even though it being their hometown show, they fail to impress with anything that hasn't been done before where Kill The Arcade show the UK has some up and coming talent. 

When the Texas outfit finally hit the stage, from the first note played, the venue turns into a house party rather than show. The band feel very much at home and have the crowd dancing when they launch into 'My Worst Nightmare'. After the first couple of songs, you wouldn't think this is the first time they have been to the UK, they have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. The band show off their comical side and treat us to their rendition of Will Smith's 'Men In Black' which goes down like a storm. The dancing at this point comes to a halt to when they launch into 'Believe Me I'm Lying' where the crowd surfers and mosh pits open like Moses' parting the Red Sea. The chaos continues especially for when the band open a Pandora's Box when they play new single, 'She's A Lady'. The kids launch themselves on stage by singing into microphones, stage diving and girls throwing themselves at the group. 

After a 45 minute set, FTSK close their UK tour with a bang. Cobra Starship cancelling can be seen as a blessing by giving the band the spotlight and the attention they deserve. 

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