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Review: Kimya Dawson - London Union Chapel - 11th September 2008

The Union Chapel couldn't be a better choice of a venue for tonight's show. For what is advertised as an all ages show, sees a turnout crowd ranging from 4+ all to see the amazing singer/songwriter, Kimya Dawson at this one off warm up show for her set at the End of the Road Festival in Dorset.

Tonight's main support comes from Irish twin sisters, Heathers. Despite being only 18 years old, their talent has enough electricity light up the 800 capacity venue. They do not even need the use of microphones for people to hear their incredible sound. Heathers are defiantly a band to watch out for.

As soon as Kimya Dawson hits the stage, she has the crowd in her hand from the first word that comes out of her mouth. She informs us that she has a new record out, 'Alphabutt' and treats us to a few songs from that to start off with. Dawson comes across on stage as very nervous as she has her eyes shut during most songs but tries her best to communicate with the crowd between songs, including sing-a-longs, people yelling out animal names and regaling us with stories about her daughter, 'Panda' stripping on a recent plane journey. People might think Dawson's songs are nothing but childlike but she shows her true abilities when closing on a song about the death of her teacher who she never got to tell that she is a writer.

Tonight Kimya Dawson lives up to the recent hype by proving that she is nothing short but one of the most talented performers out there to date. During the set, she asks us if our bottoms are sore from the church pews. It's a small price to play for tonight's incredible display.

'Alphabutt' is out now on K Records.

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