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Straylight Run post update on new EP

Straylight Run have posted an update on the current situation on their upcoming EP.

"we've been getting a lot of questions so i tried to make the subject of this blog pretty straight forward. our new EP Un Mas Dos is a 3 song DIGITAL EP that will only be available via online stores like itunes, emusic,, rhapsody, napster, and a bunch more. we'll put up links on our profile and make it really easy to find. but no physical CD will exist. maybe some day in the future it will, but for now its just not efficient for us since we are releasing this completely by ourselves. we do love artwork and we love records, so we're pressing the vinyl version of it! that'll be available soon.

ok to recap-3 songs-available online, digital downloads (we also have download cards to sell at shows!)
-available on vinyl soon
-we love you

those are the most important things i can think of.


Alter The Press!