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Telescreen sign to Tragic Hero Records

North Carolina band Telescreen have signed to Tragic Hero Records. The following statement was released:

"North Carolina's Telescreen have just announced their signing to Tragic Hero Records. Telescreen, whose loose musical description includes experimental and ambient rock is populated by four ex-members of Codeseven including Eric Weyer (guitar), Jon Tuttle (bass), Matt Tuttle (drums) and James Tuttle (guitar) alongside vocalist Jared Draughon, formerly Classic Case. Guitarists Eric Weyer said of the band "This is not an extension of Codeseven, at all. We are branching out and pushing the boundaries more with the newer stuff we're doing."

"For us, it's all about our live show; we're really trying to stress that. Weyer continued. "When we play we have a screen in front of us complete with projectors and we have a light show. You can't really see us untill the lights kick in. When people watch it, it's like they#re watching a movie, that's what we're trying to do. We are trying to bring a new way of looking at going to a show."

Look for updates on the band's debut release for Tragic Hero Records shortly

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