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Thursday Sign to Epitaph

Thursday have signed to Epitaph Records and are expected to bring out a new album in the spring.

Geoff Rickley of Thursday said:

"One of our biggest concerns was that we find a situation where we could be free to just be Thursday, Epitaph have continually voiced their desire to help us become the band that we have always wanted to be. It's a great feeling to have a label encourage you to be more socially conscious and politically active. It's a great feeling to have a label owner push you to explore the most experimental and challenging aspects of your band's music instead of dissuading you. It's a truly great feeling to be working with a label that all of our friends have had so many great experiences with. We've always believed that music has the power to change lives and that all of us who have been lucky enough to make music for a living have a responsibility to try and make the world a more compassionate and livable place in any small way that they can," Rickly adds. "We hope that with Epitaph's help and guidance, we can do our part."

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