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Album Review: Arrows - Modern Art and Politics

Australian band, Arrows latest album shows the band possibly doing two things. They could be refusing to accommodate their sound to the mainstream or they could be taking the listener on a nostalgic trip, to a time when "emo" wasn't about clothes and hair and more importantly to a time where "emo" was about the music.

"Modern Art and Politics" is a quite peculiar record to be released in this day and age, as it very much sounds like an album that belongs in a list of 90's "emo" albums, along with bands such as Mineral and The Appleseed Cast.

Nevertheless the Brisbane four-piece have crafted 10 great songs with songs such as opener "We Only Speak On Weekends" and "Someone You Knew But You've Hardly Met" being fine demonstrations of fine chilled out rock with Ant Morgan's vocals straining softly over tight yet gentle music.

Throughout the album, Arrows showcase they are a close-knit unit with songs such as "Whores Will Have Their Trinkets" and "Clean Sheets Aren't Just For Keepers" showing the band focus more on their music rather then lyrics, as most of the time Scott Merillo 's sweeping guitar and Anders Cairns' drums becomes the centerpiece and the backbone of the record.

It's difficult to pick out a highlight track from the album, as on the whole the record is a soothing and easy listening affair. Nonetheless the closing track, "Pout Me Into A Taxi" is a 6 and half minute steady paced track, that closes the album perfectly.

However some may consider this record a little bit repetitive, in it's song structure but Arrows take you on a musical journey, as the four-piece's gentle and dynamic music, shows they are a band who are striving for attention, however this is done in a subtle matter.

More information about Arrows can be found here.

For fans of: The Appleseed Cast, Mineral

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