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Album Review: Hey Monday - Hold On Tight

Hey Monday are the latest Pop-Punk/Rock Pop band from the Decaydance production line, a label which never fails to deliver. This Florida five piece have wrote a collection of 11 fun and innocent songs.

The album from the start kicks into action with the bouncy, fast paced "Set It Off". The signature Pop-Punk "woah-ohs" are brought out next for "How You Love Me Now" with lead singer Cassadee Pope vocal talent being used exceedingly well here. The song itself sounds like a theme song for one of those MTV reality shows, however the song is very catchy and will be stuck in your head for days.
"Homecoming" is a slightly edgier track with bitter lyrics and fun overtones. "Obvious" is another track that will get you hooked with it's fast beat and sing-a-long chorus. Track 6 is the piano balled "Candles" which has hit written over it, with Pope's vocals flowing over soothing strings before the track thumps into action with a anthem-like vibe.

The album continues with speedy pop-rock tracks such as "Hurricane Streets", "Josey" and "Arizona" which are really catchy and make this album pure and simply fun. Whilst "Should've Tried Harder" is a more rocky track with angry lyrics. The album closes with an acoustic track "6 Months", a sweet ballad with Pope pouring her heart out for all to hear.

"Hold On Tight" surprised me, simply because it's really good. Hey Monday know who they are and what they want to do. They're a band who write pop songs and this showcases this very well. The album is just a harmless and fun record with good production. The band itself perform tightly with Cassadee Pope's vocals being a highlight throughout the album. I think you can expect to hear big things from Hey Monday in the following year.

The only criticism with this, is that a few tracks do follow the same song structure and the band itself are destined to be put under the "sounds like Paramore" label, which is wrong as Hey Monday are more pop than rock and have the potential to be as successful as Hayley Williams' band.


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