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Album Review: Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul

In my near 22 years of existent, I have followed Oasis closely. They were the first band I liked and were introduced to me by my older brother during the height of their success; the Morning Glory-period.

Nevertheless 'Dig Out Your Soul' is the band's 7th studio and like every other Oasis album since the poor 'Standing On The Shoulders of Giants' album, has been labelled "a return to their best" but is it?
'Dig Out Your Soul' starts off with the stomping 'Bag It Up' with a bassy bridge which has a melody which sounds like 'Go Let It Out'. 'The Turning' is a piano-led steady paced song with Liam Gallagher begging for the listener to "come on" Brother Noel takes over vocals on another stomping bass-filled track; 'Waiting For The Rapture' with Beatles-esque drums.

'The Shock Of The Lighting' is the records lead of single and to an extent, it wakes the listener up and shows evidence that the band can still write good rock songs. However the album soon drops pace with 'Outta Time', a song written by Liam and reminds me of John Lennon's 'Jealous Guy'. Nevertheless the band will soon get you clapping with '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady', a steady paced with Noel's vocals being performed over a simple beat of bass drum followed by hand claps and guitar's that jangle in the background.

'Falling Down' is a somewhat psychedelic track with it's complex drumming and strings that take over towards the end of the track. The psychedelic sounds continue on 'To Be Where There's Life', which is structured Andy Bell playing a tambura. Whilst 'Ain't Got Nothin'' and 'The Nature of Reality' are your basic Oasis rock songs.

The album ends with 'Soldier On' a song with a stable beat structured round a piano rhythm and Liam singing the song title over and over with a distant echo, which eventually leaves an image of the band walking in to the distant.

On the whole 'Dig Out Your Soul' will please die-hard Oasis fans but it will not convert the haters, nor will it draw back those who became disillionised with the bands work over the last decade. Very few tracks stand out, whilst other seems to drift along almost unnoticed. It can also be noted that, the band have taken a more experimental approach musically but could of possibly effected the album.

Despite these negative points, Noel's songwriting is as good as ever and Liam's has improved but at the end of the day this album failed to give me the spark I had from the first time I heard the band's earlier work and with this being the follow up to 'Don't Believe The Truth'; an album which I believed to be the band's best since 'Morning Glory', this proves to be a disappointing effort. For those who are expecting this to be the second coming of Oasis, your going to be disappointed.

'Dig Out Your Soul' by Oasis is availabe now on Big Brother Records

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