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Circa Survive post update on new album

Circa Survive have posted an update of their progress of writing their new record.

Guitarist Colin Fragnicetto has made a statement:

"its about 3 weeks into writing now and progress is happening. we've worked through around 8 songs. almost like a traffic jam... there are literally dozens of ideas patiently waiting their turn. a few days ago we began recording demo versions of the tunes and are laying down tracks on the daily. someone recently asked what the raw demos are like.... well im not one to give away too much but i will say our growth is evident in every note and rhythm i hear. 

random things to note... 

*4-5 part vocal harmonies are very cool.
*Casio Rapmaster Keyboard - has some neat sounds.
*Anthony playing guitar with us... ummm heck yeah.
*Squirrels talking smack through the window while we write... weird."

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