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The Fall Of Troy Announce Tour-only EP

The Fall Of Troy have announced they are to release a tour-only EP called "the Ghostship demos AKA Phantoms On The Horizon".

The band's myspace bulletin said:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have finished "Phantom On The Horizon". (A.K.A. "Ghostship")

We will be releasing it for our tour starting November 28th w/ The # 12 Looks Like You, Warship, and Black Houses...

We will be doing the west coast 1st, playing the whole record, the whole way through, and doing the east coast soon to follow.

We have spent the last 4 and a 1/2 years on this record, it's a step up from anything we felt we've ever done. And we hope to give back to everyone who's been waiting so long to hear this song(s) for so long as we have.

We love you, and need you all. Mad respect, this one's for all of you guys who have been around for it all, and waited for it as well.

Let's show the rock n' roll industry it's not all about singles and good looks, it's about vision, integrity, time, and patience.

We are so proud of this record, so come out to the tour and get ur copy while we have them.

We love the hell out of you all.

Alter The Press!