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Glassjaw bassist updates on current situation

Glassjaw and Saves The Day bassist, Manuel Carrero has posted on the to answer everyone's question, What is happening about the new record?!

"I feel like a kid that's been asked to clean his room, but the room still isn't clean, and everytime the kids peeks out of the room, he is immediately asked if he is finished. (And I've already cleaned my section. I wish I had an answer for everyone, but I am pretty much in the dark. I mean, lets be frank, here. I just play the bass. I have no delusions about my role. I have no control what of happens with the band.

I would love to tell you when the record is done. I would love to tell you when of if we are going to tour again. 

The sad truth is, I just don't know. I don't know if anyone knows."

Alter The Press!