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The Graduate Cancel Re-Release

The Graduate have cancelled the re-release of "Anhedonia" called "Anhedonia: Revisted". The band's blog stated:

"Sorry, this one was totally out of our control. There WILL not be a re-release of Anhedonia, no DVD extras, no vinyl release.. nothing. We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to this (we were as well.) You can download 2 bonus tracks that were going to be featured on Anhedonia - Revisited on our Myspace player.

We hope you enjoy them. Also, we will not be on the My American Heart west coast tour in December. A couple websites had postings about this, but unfortunately we weren't able to make the dates work. The concerts listed on our page with Ludo will most likely be our last shows of the year, possibly until we finish a new record.

More news (explanation) soon."

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