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Jawbreaker Posts Update

Jawbreaker, who have been inactive since 1996, have posted a myspace bulletin regarding recents events linked with the band. The band's debut record from 1990, "Unfun" is to be remastered and reissued on drummer Adam Pfahler's label, Blackball Records. The reissue will have some bonus tracks including "Busy" and alternative mixes of "Want" and "Fine Day".

Frontman Blake Schwarzenbach has announced he is playing in a unnamed new band, his first since 2003's dissolving of post-Jawbreaker band, Jets To Brazil. Since then Schwarzenbach has been a professor at Hunter College in New York City.

There is also plans to release a Jawbreaker documentary which is being made by Tim Irwin and Keith Schieron, who produced "We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minuteme".

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