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Review: Enter Shikari - London Camden Underworld - 30/09/08

Tonight is Enter Shikari's warm up show before they embark on a huge tour across the UK. They haven't played the Underworld for a good few years and for a band of this caliber to return to a venue this small, you know there is going to be chaos and thats exactly what happened. Shikari haven't played a set for a while and it shows. Technical difficulties play the biggest part of their performance. Broken microphones, faulty amps and monitors do not help but its not their fault, once again this is a warm up show, its expected but the fans do not seem to care, they just feel grateful that they can see Enter Shikari in a small venue once again.

As soon as the band hits the stage, all hell breaks loose in the crowd and the band egg the crowd on for more. Frontman Rou, the ringleader of tonight shouts for the two-steppers to do there thing and for the crowd to join them onstage, and this is only during the first couple of songs, and they are ones no one has heard yet live. We are treated to new songs such as 'The Jester', 'Hectic', 'Kickin' Back' and already crowd favourite 'We Can Breath In Space'..this only leads everyone in much anticipation for the new record but the old school fans leave the mayhem reserved for 'Return For Energiser', 'Sorry Your Not A Winner' and 'Enter Shikari' where we see human pyramids evolve from the crowd and people climbing on the pillars and lights on the ceiling.

Despite the technical faults of tonight, the band kick off the first night of their UK tour with a bang. The wait is over, Enter Shikari are back, and about time.

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