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Review: Underoath - Terminal 5 - 26/10/08

The line up tonight makes the statement, 'only in America' only more true. Tonight we have The Devil Wears Prada, Saosin and Underoath. You know your getting your moneys worth tonight.

When The Devil Wears Prada hit the stage, it felt like the same song over and over. Breakdown after breakdown. They are talented musicians but very repetitive. Saosin on the other hand, have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand as soon as they hit the stage. On this trip they are selling, for this tour only, a new EP, in which we are treated to in hearing, which goes down well but it all goes wild when the band launch into '7 years' where Terminal 5 turns into one giant circle pit. 

When the lights go down, the crowd are deafening for when Underoath hit the stage. Launching into amazing album opener, 'Breathing In A New Mentality', the crowd surfers go wild. Frontman, Spencer Chamberlain, is Moses. The circle pits open like when Moses parted the red sea. We are treated to songs old and new. Just to hear 'A Boy Brushed Red' live can give the newest of Underoath fans goosebumps. New songs such as 'Desperate Times' sound nothing but incredible live. They keep the banter short and let the music do the talking, and in the space of an hour, you only feel wanting more. 

Underoath are a band where you have to see it to believe it. The music speaks for itself but its the live experience you need to see which can only make you think that they couldn't get any better. They have a new album under their belts, so these guys are going to be on the road for quite sometime. The only question fans leave tonight asking is, 'When are they next coming to town?'

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