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Review: Zebrahead - London Astoria 2 - 17/10/08

Get up, get up, let the good times roll, Zebrahead have finally made it back to the UK with the release of their new record 'Phoenix' and show London what they do best.

They are no strangers to London, as its their 16th time here and know exactly what the crowd wants. As soon as they hit the stage with crowd pleaser 'Rescue Me', the fans goes crazy with pandemonium. We are treated to classics such as 'Playmate of the Year' and 'Set Up' and treat us to some of the new songs from 'Phoenix'. 

Zebrahead are not just fantastic musicians, they are genuinely nice guys. They bring a girl on stage who's birthday it is and get the London crowd to sing happy birthday to her but it doesn't stop there. The crowd participation factor is another key factor for the success of their live show. During 'Jag Off' they manage to get everyone to sit down during the song's breakdown until it kicks back in and even manage to get men taking off their shirts for them. The biggest cheer though is reserved for the encore of the night where the band reappear with excellent support band, 'Kids Can't Fly' to accompany them for the brass section of 'Anthem'.

These guys have been together for more than a decade and it shows. They know how to work the crowd and make sure everyone gets their moneys worth. Zebrahead are still one of the best pop-punk bands out there and everytime they come back to the UK, they only get better.

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