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2*Sweet Break Up

2*Sweet have announced they are to break up.

The following blog was released.

"So, we don't really know how to go about saying this, or what is "supposed" to go into statements like this, so we're just going to throw this out there: We have to decided to put 2*Sweet to rest. Trust us, it wasn't an easy decision to make, but we absolutely feel that it is the right one. We have been a band since July 4th, 2003, and we just feel that, like all things good or bad, this needs to come to an end. Now, you're probably asking yourself, "why?????" (well, maybe without so many exclamation marks). So to clear the air up front, NO ONE IN THE BAND HATES ANYONE ELSE IN THE BAND! We all still get along just as well as we always have. We sat down together one day and talked about our future together as a band and we all mutually came to this decision. We just felt that the time was right and that it is time to move on.When we started this band over 5 years ago, never in our wildest imaginations did we think we would've accomplished even half of what we have as a band. I mean, let's face it, our name is "2*Sweet", how serious could this band have possibly been? But we are all proud of what we have done and we don't regret a single moment (except maybe bringing that Hey Chris guy on tour with us, yeesh....). We have gotten to see the country several times over and visit towns and places we never thought we'd ever see. We've played Roswell, NM for God's sake...TWICE! We've met and played with bands that literally changed our lives and eventually became some of our best friends. I'll never forget the first time I heard the Fireworks demo and I immediately thought "goddamn this band is awesome, we need to tour with them". We also got to record and release a full-length ourselves. Recording with Mike Watts in New York was easily a life-changing experience. We all learned so much from that dude it's insane. And last but not least, I strongly believe that we have the best kids who support us, ever. And I say 'kids' because I hate the word 'fan'. Without you guys, we would be absolutely nothing. You are the ones who came to all of our shows, bought our silly shirts, listened to our records and sang along at shows, traveled insane distances to see our shows, followed several dates of our tours, and hung out with us in towns where we didn't know anyone and made us feel at home. You brought us food when we were starving on the road, and gave us places to crash so we didn't have to freeze in our van. I've honestly never seen the kind of dedication to a band than I have with you guys to us. There is no way words can even fully express how grateful we are to have had you guys. Thank you so much, from the very bottom of our hearts.Now on to business. Yes, there will be a last show. Yes, it will be the last show we ever play. Yes, it will be a fun-filled night of moshing, stage dives, and singing. The show will be on Saturday, December 20th at Subterranean in Chicago. There will be a super secret special pre-sale starting tomorrow (Nov 8th) at 10am where you will be able to get a limited number of tickets for only $10. You will be able to get them HERE, so get them while they're cheap! Fireworks and This Time Next Year will also be playing. This show is going to be insanely fun, and we hope that you can all be there with us

In the meantime, we are all doing stuff to keep us busy. Andy and Pete are recording bands at their studio, Bricktop Recording, so if you're a band/artist, hit them up, they do excellent work. Andy is playing in a band called Weekend Nachos. I (Dave) have been working on a project with some of the Fireworks dudes called Sister Cities, Justin is jamming with Debello, and Andy and myself have been jamming with some friends for a project that doesn't have a name yet.

So again, thank you all so much for everything you have given us. This truly has been a life changing experience for us, and it wouldn't have been possible without your support. We love you all more than words on a myspace blog could ever express.

Love,Dave and Andy and Justin and Pete and Dan"

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