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Album Review: Good Charlotte - Greatest Remixes

Good Charlotte are guilty as charged for writing catchy, fun, upbeat pop/rock music and just from the title of the record, you are expecting the opposite.

The album starts off with a new spin on first album classic, 'Waldorf Worldwide' which is entitled, 'Los Angeles World Wide'. Its actually a great modern take on the Madden twins who came from nothing in Waldorf, Maryland to living the dream in Los Angeles. The remixes of tracks from their 'Good Morning Revival' LP such as 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl and 'Broken Hearts Parade' make you think 'why didn't they do this sooner?' but sadly, the buck stops here. This record could of possibly ruined some the bands greatest hits ever. The remix of pop-punk classic 'The Anthem' by 'Million $ Mano' could possibly put Good Charlotte fans off their music for life. You would never think in a million years you would have talking interludes in between of the music of people speaking about going to a club and spending money whilst having in the background over a poor beat of 'This is the anthem, throw all your hands up' in between rapping.

You would think after this torture, Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump could save the day with his remix of Good Charlotte's first classic single, 'Little Things'. Oh, how wrong you could be. It sounds like he has turned possibly one of the bands best songs into an Chipmunk duet. 'Hold On' by The Academy Is only wants you whip out your glow sticks and dance the night away in slow motion. If you like the work of Joe Hahn from Linkin Park, 'The Young and Hopeless' will not disappoint at all.

The record as a whole has its pro's and con's but at the end of the day, you have to remember this isn't a new record, and its not Good Charlotte creating these tracks. The band are good at what they do, and always come out fighting but in this case, if these are their 'Greatest Remixes' you would hate to think what the worst would sound like.

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