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Billy Talent talk about their new record

Canadian heroes of modern-day punk-rock Billy Talent are currently gearing up to head into the studio and record the follow up to 2006’s ‘II’. 

The band say that, with their third album, “people can expect the best Billy Talent record so far!” and they’ve “never been more excited for any project.” Whilst the album is as yet untitled, word from the guys suggests that it will continue the numerical theme set by their sophomore album by being named ‘III’, ‘3’ or ‘Three’.

The rip-roaring rock perfection of ‘II’ propelled the band to new heights of success. The chemistry between band members is indestructible as a result of fifteen years being in a band together and as Billy Talent look to the next step, fans can expect something truly special from them teaming up with famed producer Brendan O’Brien.

The band say – "We are so stoked to have the opportunity to work with Brendan O'Brien... he has done some amazing records! All we got to say is listen to ‘Evil Empire’ and ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ by Rage Against The Machine and that's why we're excited. For the first time ever we are not recording in Canada... we're heading out to LA in December to start tracking drums at Henson Studios... it has an amazing drum room.”Talent are well prepared to hit the studio having finished most of the music for the fourteen tracks they’re planning to record with the lyrics about halfway to completion already. Tentative song titles includeWhite Sparrows’, ‘Sudden Movements’ and ‘Tears into Wine’.

The new album is due out on Atlantic Records in 2009.

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