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Daggermouth Give Update on Bands Status

Daggermouth have given an update on their status, which states the band arn't planning on doing anymore shows.
"We get about 100,000,000 questions a day on the status of Daggermouth. To be honest, I'm floored that so many people even care enough to take the time out of their lives to write us and ask. So this is where we are at...

I presently live in Ottawa, ON on the east coast of Canada (above NY state). Matt lives in Kelowna/Vancouver, Stu lives in Vancouver, Dan Don lives in Vancouver/Winnipeg/San Jose/who knows where this week? Cody lives in Buffalo, NY. Stu is currently touring and making music in Aspirations, Dan and Matt are touring and making mosh in Horizons. Cody is working and getting into lots of mischief in Buffalo, and probably cheering on those awful Buffalo Sabres. I am working/recovering both mentally and physically in Ottawa. (I tore all the ligaments and some cartilage in my ankle playing soccer on july 13th... it's still fucked!) I also watch a lot of hockey games (sens and canucks), go to the gym non stop and enjoy losing my fantasy hockey pool :(

Is Daggermouth over? Yes and no. Yes in the sense right now we aren't playing shows/touring. We may not tour for a long time if ever again, to be honest. Will we ever play a show again? I don't know. The more time that passes the more I hope we do. I really would love to roll out to LA and SF and play some shows like the old days. Hell, let's bring it back to where we started and get Heads Up to play a back yard show with us in Pomona! At this point it's hard to tell. The one thing that is a definite possibility though is making a new record. I know that may not be enough for some of you and I understand that. But at this point for heath reasons for myself as well as some of the other members of Dmouth it may be all we can offer. I miss making music and that's why we all start bands anyway is to make songs we are stoked on. The shows/the tours/the parties/the labels/the managers/the DRAMA all comes after the music. So I figure why not make some music? I certainly have a ton of shit to get off my fucking chest! (insert pause for crucial "carry on" reference to sink in)

Thank you all for writing and caring. Every time someone writes and says how the songs/lyrics have helped them through a tough time it brightens my day. That's exactly how I used to feel listening to my favorite bands during my darkest days. So to think anything we have created has done that for kids out there blows me away. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

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