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Exclusive: Justin Beck (Glassjaw) at Merch Direct

In celebration of the new Glassjaw track entitled, 'You Think You're John (Fucking) Lennon' being streamed on the band's official website, we thought it was no better time for us to upload our exclusive photos taken, whilst in the company of Glassjaw guitarist and self-made businessman, Justin Beck.

Credit to Justin Beck and Merch Direct.

New Glassjaw merch in production

Photos been taken for Merch Direct online

Ever wondered where Glassjaw's gear was stored?

Glassjaw screen design

It ain't 'Heil Hitler'...

Classic Glassjaw varsity design

Photograph of Beck at day camp, where he had met Daryl.

Original track listing to 'The Impossible Shot' demo with various old self made band stickers/flyers

One of the many stickers the band would make at Kinkos

Beck reading his old fanzine, which he used to run specializing in the hardcore scene

One of a kind, Glassjaw Nike Blazers

Beck in the 'board room'

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