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Forgive Durden Discusses Recent Video

Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden has given a interview explaing the concept of music video for "Life Is Looking Up" which was released last week.

Dutton said:

"The whole thing with this musical is that even seeing us live, which I think we’ve done a good job of, in your head, the idea of the whole thing is so much bigger than anything we could actually pull off. The same thing goes for the video, we don’t have a million dollar budget. And I love movie trailers, so I wanted it to look as much like a movie trailer and music video as possible. So it was really just Me, our bass player, and that girl, Roxy, going around Seattle shooting things that we thought were cool sort of, scenes and scapes. I’m actually really bummed about the quality version that’s up on myspace right now. It’s really pixilated and it doesn’t lend itself to what the video sort of relies on. There will be a better quality version up soon and hopefully kids will like that more. As far as plot, there is a girl getting dragged in the video and that never really happens in the plot. We just wanted it to just have some cool or epic imagery, so that it might look like a movie trailer. I think we made it more for people who haven’t heard about it yet as opposed to people who had heard about it. But there is know way for us to actually make something with all of the characters and everything because then everyone would be disappointed. I’m really happy with the video actually, but it’s supposed to look like a move trailer."

The full interview can be read here.

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