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Interview: Simple Plan

Guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre of the Canadian pop/rock Simple Plan caught up with ATP ahead of their current UK tour.

Sebastien tells us what the band are currently up to, about their non stop work ethic, their recent takeover of Camden by playing three shows in one day, if the band ever record another, 'No Pads, No Helmets..Just Balls' and more.

Alter The Press: What is your name and which instrument do you play in Simple Plan?
Sebastien Lefebve: I’m Sebastien and I play guitar and sing once in a while.

ATP: You're over in the UK for your fourth trip with the release of your self titled album, why only a short tour this time round?
SL: There are a lot of places to cover on this tour: we have 4 shows in the UK, we have been to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe too; so we had to make time for everyone.

ATP: You did the Camden Takeover, 3 shows in one day. How did it feel to play songs like 'My Alien' and 'One Day' after all these years?
SL: It was really funny to play those songs. Some of them we had to practice at sound check because we didn't remember them at all.

ATP: How was it to headline the second stage at the Download Festival this year?
SL: Now that was something. We were going against KISS and a lot of people showed up regardless. We had a great time. There’s a really strong energy at that festival.

ATP: It is without a doubt said you guys are probably one of the hardest working bands going. You are constantly travelling to one end of the world and back but manage to still function. For example: How do you manage up such a good work ethic and keep up with the demand of being in Germany one day and playing in Canada the next?
SL: That’s just the way we do things. If people want to see us play, we will play! We love what we do and we want to keep doing it for a long time, for as long as people will care to listen to us. So we go where we are needed.

ATP: You have a good relationship with your fans compared to other bands. You are constantly updating your website with blogs, vlogs and up to date information. Do you think this contributes to your continuing growing fan base?
SL: I think so. We meet some of them after the shows and they feel like they know us, and in a way they sort of do. If I like a band, that's what I would like too, to go on the web and see what they are up to.

ATP: When will the next 'Big Package For You' DVD be released?
SL: There will be another DVD, but not sure when that will be. Between YouTube, the website, the band's MySpace, the fan club... everything we film gets used. So yes, but not sure when.

ATP: Out of all your achievements as a band, what is your favorite?
SL: I think just the fact that we are still relevant. When we came out people though we might not be around for long or just have one good song. I think with 12 videos, and 3 records... it's safe to say that it didn't happen.

ATP: Pierre is due to be on MC Lars' new record, can you divulge any details?
SL: Actually, I did this with Pierre. MC Lars is a cool guy and we actually brought him on tour in the UK before. He had a cool song and Pierre said yes. I helped him record it and it came out great.

ATP: Who chooses the bands that you bring out on tour?
SL: We do. It’s always hard to figure out who we like and who is available, but we always end up with cool and good bands on our tours.

ATP: Will Simple Plan ever record another 'No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls' style album again?
SL: I think if that's the one you like, listen to that one! We are very proud of that record, and of all of them, but that's not where we are anymore. We are still evolving as a band, but you can still hear Simple Plan in every song we write.

ATP: After your European tour, what is next in store for Simple Plan?
SL: We only have a little bit of touring to do in the next year, and then we will have to start working on a new record. Yes I said it. So, when that's done writing, we will record it and go on tour again!

Simple Plan's S/T Album is out now on Atlantic Records.

Jon Ableson

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