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IWrestledABearOnce Set To Record New Album

IWrestledABearOnce are entering the studio to record their Century Media debut with producer Ryan Boesch (Norma Jean). The band is currently at the home of Ross Robinson.

The following statement was released:

"Ryan Boesch is a son of a bitch and a dirty, godless savage... but on the bright side, we are writing and recording on the beach at Ross Robinson's house and drinking all of Norma Jean's leftover energy drinks. Anyway, Ryan is as insane as us and since his discography includes 2Pac, Andrew WK, Tomahawk, and Sheryl Crow, we know we are in good hands. We will be updating our MySpace with all kinds of stupid news, so keep in touch on there for all of the latest! Our drummer has horrific gas."

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