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Powerspace Working On New Album

Chicago rock band Powerspace have announced they are currently working on a new album and have shelved plans to release an EP.

A Myspace blog posted by the band said:

"Many apologies for our recent disappearing act. However, it was not without good reason!Some of you may be wondering wtf happened to the EP we mentioned would probably be coming out at the end of last month. Well, we did actually record a 4 song EP, and it rocks. In fact, it rocks so much that everyone got way too pumped up and we decided these jams shaant not be 'wasted' on an EP. These songs need to be with their friends on something bigger, something an LP. So that's what we're doing; we're making a full length record. The last months we've been locked away writing and demoing new material in Chicago. We've got about an albums worth of songs already, but we still have to explore thousands of other ideas we've got floating around. We have big plans for this record. No expense will be spared, not stone unturned, no guitar unshredded, no drum unpounded, no bass unplucked, no pick unscraped, viva la revolution! I hope you all like the sound of rock 'n' roll music, because I DO! I DOOO! I DOOOO!


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