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Review: Kevin Devine/Jesse Lacey - Music Hall Of Williamsburg - 25/11/08

The Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn couldn't of been the best choice of a venue for tonight. The sound, lighting and layout can only be described as incredible of this intimate club and the choice of booking this amazing line up here is a job well done. 

Tonight is a local show for both artists. Family and friends are here to show support only two days before thanksgiving. Tickets sold out only in a matter of minutes for this exclusive stripped show. With tickets exchanging hands for $100+, everyone is feeling a sense of privilege to be here.

As soon as the doors open, the Music Hall fills up to capacity in seconds. After a great set by Brooklyn local Brian Bonz, Kevin Devine takes the stage. Opening up with the self titled track from his forthcoming record, 'Brothers Blood', it leaves you with chills, and this only the first song into his set. Devine's set is a mixture of songs from his upcoming album and classics such as 'No Time Flat' and 'Another Bag of Bones' are a treat hearing live in person. During the set, with the help of Brian Bonz and another musician, they launch into an impromptu cover of Guns N Roses' 'Sweet Child of Mine' with the first verse and chorus. Devine brings his set to a close with Jesse Lacey, who accompanies him on guitar with tracks, 'Tomorrow's Just Too Late' and 'Ballgame' which they mix into Brand New classic 'Tautou'. This is possibly the highlight of Kevin Devine's set. 

Up next is Brand New frontman, Jesse Lacey who kicks off with new album demo, 'Untitled 01' and goes straight into Deja Entendu classic, 'Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot'. At this point the whole venue turns into one giant sing-a-long. After a terrific performance of 'Luca', Kevin Devine joins Lacey in a duet of 'Play Crack The Sky'. To hear this fantastic song with Devine's incredible vocals is nothing short but moving. The duo treat the crowd to Bruce Springsteen cover 'Thunder Road' which is possibly one of the best covers done to date. The highlight of Jesse Lacey's set is when Brian Bonz rejoins the duo for a stripped down version of 'Jesus Christ'. Talent doesn't come any stronger than this. 

Line ups like this do not come any bigger than this. Tonight's show seemed more like a few friends hanging out and jamming to a small local hometown crowd. Kevin Devine is one of the best singer/songwriters going at the moment. His mix of acoustic/political/melodic rock is underrated. When 'Brothers Blood' comes out, sooner the better, it could be the record which makes his career and at this point in time, touring is the priority. Jesse Lacey on the other hand, is going to have his hands full with the forthcoming Brand New album out next year. The only thing you say to yourself is, 'its not fair the UK doesn't get shows like this!'

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