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Review: The Secret Handshake - London Astoria - 01/11/08

Its going to be a hard night for Luis Dubuc aka The Secret Handshake. He is billed as the main support for British metal group Bring Me The Horizon alongside two other heavy support acts on this tour across the UK and for his genre of music to go down well with a crowd like this is going to be a challenge.

As soon as Dubuc arrives on stage (accompanied by a drummer and bassist), he launches into his rendition of Skee-Lo's 'I Wish' from the 'Punk Goes Crunk' LP which goes down like a storm. Two songs in, the crowd has turned into a dance party with hands going up and down in the air with their host, The Secret Handshake. You wouldn't think you are at a metal show tonight. We are treated to new song 'Saturday' which sounds like an 80's song about a child waking up on Saturday mornings waiting to watch the morning cartoons and eat their breakfast cereal. Crowd pleaser of the night, 'Summer of '98', goes down like a treat to end a great set. 

With the exception of a few narrow minded fans who can't accept anything different, The Secret Handshake win over the London crowd. You can tell Dubuc when performing gives it 110% and to wow over a crowd at a 2,500 capacity venue of the Astoria is nothing short of impressive.

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