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Review: Uh Huh Her - London Koko - 18/11/08

If you haven't seen the hit television show, 'The L Word', your going to stand out like a sore thumb tonight. Despite their latest record, 'Common Reaction' not being in the UK yet, the indie/electro duo still manage to sell out London's Koko with ease.

As soon as they hit the stage, the crowd do not seem to get into it. We hear the few cheers between songs but even big numbers like, 'Explode' don't seem to get the crowd going. It's only when Hailey and Camilla come back for the encore, they finally get the crowd on their feet when they launch into their hit single 'Not A Love Song'.

In just over an hour, Uh Huh Her manage to serve up as many songs as possible from their EP and new album. The band as a whole are talented without a doubt but if it wasn't for Hailey’s character on the L Word, Alice Pieszecki, they will still be playing the small clubs.

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