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Album Review: Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly

Columbus, Ohio band Attack Attack! are your ideal myspace/hipster band. Take the 'br00tal' breakdowns of The Devil Wears Prada, add the electronic beats and synth of Metro Station and you pretty much get Attack Attack!

Now 'br00tal' hardcore with dance beats at first sounds like a recipe for disaster and you would be partly right. "Someday Came Suddenly" starts off with a crunk-like intro before the band rawr their way in with "Stick Sticky" with it's out and out heavy guitars and screamo vocals. At first the track sounds acceptable but then the dance beats go into overload.

The album continues with tracks such as "Bro, Ashley's Here", "Shred, White, And Blue" and "Party Foul" all following the structure of uninspring hardcore music with electronic undertones and vocoder singing vocals.

The band soon have a semi-funny song title ("What Happens If I Can't Check My Myspace When We Get There?"). However the structure is nearly identical to the last track, even though the chorus melody is quite catchy.

After a horrible trance-like interlude is "The People's Elbow" and yep, you guessed it. It sounds exactly every other song so far on this record. That's untill you get to "Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3", despite having the regular heavy, fast paced beat, the band manage to calm things down very briefly. After "Catfish Soup", the "Outro" closes the album with a a simple, slow piano.

Overall this album is a 30 minute rushed and uninspiring shitfest. Attack Attack! know who their audience are and know how to please them. The musical mash-up of hardcore music and electronic works for some bands; like Enter Shikari. However for Attack Attack! is very much, as the kidzzz would said "FAIL!" In my opinion they have took the ideas of a few popular "scene" bands and attempted to create a somewhat super "scene" band. Basically it will please those who are into the current trend of "br00tal" bands but Attack Attack! are very much a band who will soon be forgotten about.


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