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Album Review: Caleb Lionheart - Think Hardcore, Play Pop Punk

This EP does exactly what it says on the tin. New York based five-piece, Caleb Lionheart have stepped out of their notorious basement shows and produced 6 tracks which take the Pop-punk melodies of bands such as Blink 182 and blend them with fast-paced riffs of This Is Hell and The Movielife.

"Adrenaline" kicks off the EP with a bang with a combination of standard punk beat, raw guitar riffs and rebellious lyrics. A theme that continues with "Home" a heavy and speedy track with a chorus that quickly becomes memorable.

Gang vocals are used at the start of "Vultures", a track that see's the band becoming quite angry, whilst at the same time questioning their future. A key point of the track is the bridge, where standard sing-a-long "Hey-oh-oh-oh" vocals are used and bring the it alive.

Next is a quickie, "Keep Time, Lose Track" is one minute and seventeen seconds of fast-paced through and through punk rock. It has all the chateristics; fast beat, raw guitars and gang vocals.

The final two tracks of perfect example of who Caleb Lionheart are. Both "Rules of Attraction" and "The Circus We've Become" are 3 minute wonders of rough punk rock with subtle pop-punk chateristics; you can't be a pop-punk and not have a song about romance.

Caleb Lionheart are small raw band with loads of energy and potential. They have a good blend of catchy songs which have a rough force behind them. "Think Hardcore, Play Pop Punk" will take Caleb Lionheart out of their basement and beyond.


"Think Hardcore, Play Pop Punk" by Caleb Lionheart is available now through Farewell Party Records.

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