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Album Review: Cinematic Sunrise - A Coloring Book and Long Playing Record EP

"A Coloring Book and Long Playing Record" is the debut EP from Cinematic Sunrise, which features Chiodos frontman Craig Owens and fellow band mate Bradley Bell, on keyboards.

Like most side projects, Cinematic Sunrise is certainly to be compared to Owens’ and Bell’s daytime job. However "A Coloring Book and Long Playing Record" (why is it called a ‘Long Playing Record’ when it’s an EP?) is bound to be enjoyed by both fans and non-fans, as this record is more poppy and catchy with well written songs that include Owens’ distinctive voice, which goes well with riff-laden tracks like "Umbrellas and Elephants".

This record also includes the so-called typical ‘emo’ lyrics that you would expect to hear from Owens’ song writing and a band like this; just look at the band name! This brings a sense of predictability to the record. Whilst Owens’ high-pitched voice can become whiney and the song structure a bit predictable. This soon makes the EP dull and repetitive.

Nevertheless "A Coloring Book and Long Playing Record" is a good EP with stand out tracks being "Pulling A Piano From A Pond" and the conclusion to the record; a ballad called "You Told Me You Loved Me". However it is a basic straight rock record which will be welcomed with open arms by Chiodos fans, but the conventional sound will unlikely draw many new fans.

As a side-project it does differ from their better-known work, however does not make it good. It's basically a simple 'look we can be different' side-project, that will most likely be ignored. And anyway If you don’t like this record you can always enjoy colouring the artwork with the free crayons that are included.

"Coloring Book and Long Playing Record" is available now through Equal Vision Records.

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