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ATP'S ROTY: #1 Valencia - We All Need A Reason To Believe

So this is it, my Number 1 Record of the Year. The Record in question is Valencia's 2nd and their Columbia debut, "We All Need A Reason To Believe".

At the start of the year I knew very little about the Pennsylvania 5-piece, except that the band were working on the follow-up to "This Could Be A Possibility", an album that was released three years ago and one I had never really listen to. I even didn't take much notice of the bands performance at this year's Slam Dunk Festival.

Therefore "We All Need A Reason To Believe" is an album that made me stand up and pay attention to the band. Some may think "they're just another Pop-Punk band". However this record shows the band are more than that, with songs such as "Carry On" and "The Good Life" showing mature song-writing, whilst album highlights "Holiday" and "Where Did You Go?", sees the band keeping their Pop-Punk sensibilities but with strong song-writing.

"We All Need A Reason To Believe" is an album that dosn't break any boundaries but it's impressive, well-written, simple and addictive.

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