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ATP'S ROTY: #5 Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

I'm at the half way point and at Number 5 is Mashup artist Girl Talk with "Feed The Animals".

What do you get if you blend Procol Harum with Kanye West and Radiohead? Well you'd get just one slice of this 50 minute mashup masterpiece. The track in question is "Still Here", just one of many highlights.

Other highlights include "What It's All About", which incorporates Busta Rhymes with The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", whilst "Give Me A Beat" see's Girl Talk aka Gregg Gillis, momentarily slowing things down untill he get's the party going again.

In one way this is the definitive party album, as it has a mixture of old and modern hits and unlike Gillis's earlier work, "Feed The Animals" is a more structured and thought- out affair. The songs flow seamless from one track to the next, almost unoticed and they're are simply layered, which in the long run give indivdual tracks to have a life of their own and not just part of a 50 minute mashup mixtape.

Alter The Press!