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Bassist Departs HORSE The Band

Bassist Dashiel Arkenstone has left experimental metalcore band, HORSE The Band.

The following statement was released:

"We also have some really sad news. But I can't bear to announce it yet. Well maybe I should. Most likely December 10th will be Dash's last show with us in the USA. And possibly his last ever show with us. This fucking sucks, but we get it. Dash is probably the coolest and best person I have ever met in my life. Preferring to live in shadows, 'you don't know him,' and your life is worse off as a result. But, don't feel bad about it.

Because, as he is a true gentleman, a man of tremendous character, integrity, and resolve, and a cultured spirit who has seen the world and cradled all of its possibility in the palm of his hand, he probably never wanted to meet you anyway."

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