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Cobra Starship cancel UK tour

Cobra Starship have had to cancel their upcoming UK tour due to singer Gabe Saporta undergoing surgery.

Saporta put out the following statement:

'Hey UK,

Good News and Bad News:

Bad: we have to reschedule the upcoming UK dates bc of my surgery.

The good news is that we are adding more dates, and that by the time we finally get our stupid asses over to see you guys, we will have a new album out (hopefully)!

Plus, for you guys to vent your frustrations at me, I'm come up with an ingenious plan: everyone is allowed to smack me once across the face. No you cannot pull back from behind-the-ear. Yes, it has to be open hand.

And i must have an equal number of lefties and righties. The only thing that will numb my pain will be symmetry.

Sorry again for throwing you under the bus UK. Please don't hate us. Ps if my surgery goes bad, and I can't sing again, I'll still come out and get shitfaced with you guys.


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