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Cobra Starship issue apology about canceling UK tour

Cobra Starship frontman, Gabe Saporta, has posted a blog on the bands MySpace regarding the recent cancellation of their upcoming UK tour.

'so i want to apologize again to everyone in the UK. i want to thank everyone else who's been defending us, but honestly, i'd be pretty bummed too if i bought tickets to see a band and they postponed twice. so i understand if you hate us because of it, but i just want to let you that i'm not fucking with you guys. this is real problem. definitely more serious than i act about it.

after i injured my voice over the summer, the dr said that i needed to cancel everything for the rest of the year, rest my strained vocal muscles, and have surgery. and i was like, "what? who the fuck am I? celine dion? who gives a fuck if my voice is scratchy." And then it started getting worse, but still my attitude was that i was gonna ride the train into the fucking ground. i just wanted to finish our record and do our tours. but they convinced me to postpone UK - and it was def the wise thing to do because otherwise we would not have made it through the year.

we left for tour with about 3/4ths of the record finished. Came home about a week ago. Rested up. And yesterday i was supposed to start singing again to finish up the vocals. I went in there, and couldn't do it. Even the low notes that are easy for me to sing sound like grating bones. and it fucking sucks. really fucking sucks. i gotta take steroids that keep me up all night and make me insane. and they are supposed to help. and i thought finishing the record wasn't gonna be a problem. but it is. and it stresses me the fuck out.

so not to make light of your anger towards us, but i'm really pissed too, and i have no one to really direct it at. at least you can blame us. but who am i gonna blame? my vocal cords? they've got it bad enough as it is. plus they look like a vag (see here).

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