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The Dangerous Summer Enter Studio

Hopeless Records signed band, The Dangerous Summer have entered the studio to record their new album with producer Paul Leavitt. The band have set up a in-studio webcam, which can be seen here.

AJ from the band posted a blog on the bands myspace:

"Hey there,

I wish you could see where I'm sitting right now, and exactly how i feel. It's a good morning, with a fresh atmosphere. We rolled into the studio a little later than planned, at around 12pm. We talked to paul for a good half an hour about how I need to push myself to finish these lyrics. I have all of my ideas laid out with vocal melodies, themes, and rhythmic plans. I have just rewritten a hundred parts over and over again, because I'm either an over thinker or a perfectionist. I have tons to write about, so it's not hard by any means to keep the pencil moving. Like I was saying, here I am, sitting in Paul's side studio thing all by my lonesome in front of a giant mixing board, a mac with a giant screen, and a pad of paper that sort of tells a story of its own through it's haggardness. The lights set a good mood, as all lights made by ikea seem to do. I am just really excited to be spending every single day except saturdays in this room until january 8th.

We set up a webcam so you guys can check in everyday to see what we're doing, and how things are turning out. So go there every single day, and we'll be talking on there. I better get back to work and leave this to rest for now. Hope everyones having a good day. AJ"

The album is set to a Spring release.

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