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Interview: Less Than Jake

Alter The Press! recently spoke to Saxophone player Peter "JR" Wasilewski from legendary Florida Ska Punk band Less Than Jake about the band's latest album, "GNV FLA" and life away from the band.

ATP: Who are you and what is your role in the band?
JR: I am JR and I play saxophone and sing sweet backing vocals in the band.

ATP: This year you released your new album "GNV FLA", which was released on your very own new label. Tell us a bit about the record and secondly, why was it released on your own label?
JR: The record is the first release on our own label, as you said. It’s called GNV FLA, which is short for our hometown of Gainesville, Fl. We named it that not so much as to try to recreate things that we once were, but as a fresh start to our newly created label. We started in Gainesville and we're bringing it back around again. We are very proud of this record.

ATP: How do you feel about the split reaction from the record? For example those who don't like it prefer your earlier work.
JR: People that don't like it are welcome to listen to our older records, but as I have found, it's not the record so much as it's what record that YOU personally "discover' the band with. For example, the first Jawbreaker record I ever heard was "dear you' and any jawbreaker purists think that record sucks. It's actually quite good. Like I said, it's all about what record you discover the band on that deems what record you like best. but we play everything from every record so nay sayers are just bored and have nothing else to do I guess.

ATP: Do you think it’s near impossible to recreate the sound of an earlier record?
JR: Of course it is. And we wouldn't want to. a lot of the earlier records sonically sound like shit, but again, people swear pezcore is the best record ever's all when you discover a band.

ATP: You have just been on your UK tour, How did you find it?
JR: We’ve been out of the UK for 3 weeks and it was fun. We’re now in Europe and it's been amazing. Kinda cold, but great shows.

ATP: Describe a typical Less Than Jake show?
JR: Fun, fun and fast.

ATP: What do you when you’re not out on the road? I've read a few of you have side-projects.
JR: Let's see. I manage a band called There For Tomorrow so that keeps me pretty busy. Vinnie runs Paper and Plastick record label and has quite a few releases coming out, including Landmines, Coffee Project, Shook Ones and Gatorface. Buddy is IN coffee Project and also does a lot of video editing. Chris has been working on his chiropractic certification and Roger has been recording and producing several bands, including a new record from his side band, REHASER.

ATP: Are there any plans to do another residency, like at London's Mean Fiddler last September?
JR: Not yet...but maybe in a year or so.

ATP: With the current economic crisis have you seen an affect on the size of crowds they get and do you think it will affect future touring plans?
JR: Yes it definitely effects touring, but we ain't cancelling shit. we're out to tour forever...and 15 years ain't that bad.

ATP: You recently announced a Deluxe Edition. Tell us a bit about that?
JR: It's a pretty sweet box set that comes with the CD of GNV FLA, a DVD of footage from the past year or so, 4 7 inches that contain the record and demos unavailable anywhere else. and a sweet ass poster you can put on the wall. I’m giving it to my family for xmas if you're related to me I just ruined your surprise.

ATP: What music have you enjoyed this year?
JR: I love There For Tomorrow's EP...I know I manage them, but it'd refreshing to hear some kids that I know are real kids making real music from the heart. I also LOVE The Flatliners record, Frank Turner's new record and I really like The Academy record. That's all I can think of now.

ATP: What does the future hold for Less Than Jake?
JR: Write, record, tour repeat. Love it!

Thanks to JR and Gary from Reybee for the interview.

"GNV FLA" is availble now through Sleep It Off Records.

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