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Album Review: Hellogoodbye - Ukulele Recordings EP

As a band synonymous with layered production, and synthesised vocals, Hellogoodbye stand at the pinnacle of an electro-pop scene, spawning hundreds, possibly thousands of imitators. The band though, are in a state of limbo, in a period between touring and recording, and what better way to pass the time than crack out the ukulele?

The short (3 track) EP couldn't be further from the electronic sound which over the years has defined the band, nothing fancy here, largely stripped down to Forrest and his trusty strings. The poppy as ever hooks though, are still here alongside a cover of Buddy Holly's 'Everyday.'

Falling short of nine minutes in length, the release is nothing more than a stop-gap as the band record their new full length, in short, something to keep the fans happy. It does however, reveal another previously unseen aspect of the band, whilst maintaining the accessibility of their previous releases, and 'The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps' really is a great song.

The strength of the release is its simplicity; one man, one ukulele and an unmistakeable feel good factor. If you were a never a fan of Hellogoodbye before, throw away any preconceptions you had, as this is an altogether different beast. And a cute one too...


Chris Powers

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